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Gary Grey

I always had a passion for Electronics and Electrical circuits.
Working as an Electrician for over 46 years and having a Diploma in Electronics, I have always strived to exceed customer expectations.
I first started my Apprenticeship in 1977, and have seen many changes over that time.
In 1988, I branched out on my own and started G & H Grey Electrical.
Years later, I formed my own company, A Grade Electricans.


Wiring Training

After dozens of phone calls asking me for advise, I decided it was time to offer training.

"Wiring Training" was created to fill this gap.

I have seen a lot of silly mistakes made and some extremely dangerous ones.
I hope sharing my knowledge will prevent many mistakes occurring.
There is plenty of FREE training available to watch, as well as a more in depth paid training course for anyone wanting to fill gaps in their knowledge. 

Ready To Get Started and gain more skills?

Knowledge is power!


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